Doulas & Cesarean Birth

The Journey to Becoming Parents

Was a Long one for Cara & Armand.

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For two years Cara and Armand went through fertility treatments including in vitro fertilization.  Cara also had two uterine surgeries which she knew meant a vaginal birth would not be an option for her if she did become pregnant.  Upon receiving the much anticipated news that they were expecting, Cara began gathering information and resources on pregnancy, delivery, breastfeeding and baby care. Like many women,  she also received advice from other moms.  Cara recalls listening to personal experiences of her co-workers who had doulas who HIGHLY RECOMMENDED SHE HIRE ONE!


Cara started with a google search for doula services in the Knoxville area.  She found several, but noticed that none of them mentioned Cesareans (at least not on their home page).  "This was a concern for me, as I wanted a doula who had experience with supporting Cesarean births and someone who could guide me through that birth planning and recovery process.  When I found Jody at NEST Birth Doula I was so excited.  Jody mentions Cesarean birth on her home page and had a special package available for planned or scheduled Cesareans.   Jody also shares on her homepage that she gave birth to her first daughter by Cesarean which meant she would understand firsthand how to help me prepare for our baby's birth and my recovery!"


Cara mentions several reasons she had hiring a doula as a top priority. "My husband works out of town and is gone for long periods of time and I have no family in the area.  I really wanted someone to call and be available to support me through my entire pregnancy journey."  Cara hired Jody as soon as she found out she was pregnant but had already been in contact for some time during fertility treatments. "Having the support and expertise of Jody was a godsend!"  Cara reflects on how comfortable she felt calling or texting Jody at odd hours when she had a question.  "I personally felt good knowing there was someone trained, experienced and knowledgeable whose sole job was to support me."

With so many changes happening throughout her pregnancy, Cara was thankful for Jody's information and reassurance.  There were times when Cara's care provider was recommending procedures and tests that she knew little about.  "Jody helped me know what questions to ask along with information about why these procedures and tests were typically done."

"Jody also helped Armand and I understand delivery options that were compatible with Cesarean birth that make the surgery more 'Family Friendly'.  The day of our scheduled Cesarean it was great having someone to explain everything to my husband again and give him some last minute tips.  He had very little experience with babies and no experience with birth.  For me, it was great having an objective person to call when I had questions and concerns and having her there the day of delivery was comforting."  Armand's recalls how motivating and positive Jody was through the entire process.

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During surgery Cara and Armand were understandably excited and anxious.  Moments following their sons birth they became very concerned as a medical team quickly began working on baby who had an emergency respiratory condition.  He was then taken to a separate room while Cara's surgery was being completed.  Cara recalls that Jody was "super calm and positive through that experience.  She's clearly dealt with emergency situations before.  She took pictures which we will always treasure."  Baby was then transferred to another building on the hospital campus.

Once Cara was moved to her recovery room Jody stayed for several hours providing reassurance and company since they were not permitted to see their baby until he was stable.  "Jody was there when I pumped milk for the first time.  She made me feel very confident and provided lots of encouragement.  This was so important to me because pumping my milk for my baby was how I felt like a mother for the first few days since I had to be apart from my baby most of the time." 


Labor Doulas are available for all births!  Cesareans happen every day, sometimes planned, sometimes unplanned and sometimes by emergency.  If you have a doula, she can help you navigate your birth regardless of your journey!