what clients are saying:


"Having Jody's calming reassurance that labor was progressing normally made all the difference in achieving the quiet, unpressured birth we desired."  Andrea & Collin

"Hiring a doula was one of the best decisions we made during pregnancy!  Jody helped us have the positive, amazing birth we desired with our first son!"  Terra & Josh

"Your never ending positive attitude got me through so much!  When things got tough you reassured me that our baby was almost here."  Kate & Frank

"When our daughter ended up needing to be born by cesarean, knowing Jody had been there herself brought us comfort before, during and following surgery.  We also hired Jody for our postpartum period.  Her experience with breastfeeding and guidance in helping us establish our new routines was invaluable!"  Kristen & Ray

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labor doula services investment:  $850



"The skill of being with women in pain in labor often rests in believing in women when they do not believe in themselves.”  Nicky Leaf

As a birth doula, I work with couples prenatally  providing unbiased information, education and resources including current evidence-based research to help them identify their birth preferences and to prepare for labor and delivery.  My primary focus is nurturing, empowering and supporting the mom throughout labor as well as helping the woman’s companion (partner, mother, friend) more effectively support her.  My   goal is to make you feel prepared and confident to experience the absolute best childbirth experience whatever that looks like for you!


Women who hire doulas have better outcomes:

  • 26% reduction in c-sections

  • 41% fewer vacuum extractions & forceps deliveries

  • 28% reduction in the use of pain medication

  • Shorter labors, higher satisfaction of birth outcomes, less fear

  • More successful breastfeeding

  • Higher APGAR scores for their babies

  • Less postpartum depression

JODY IS TRAINED & CERTIFIED WITH CAPPAwww.cappa.net and Dona www.dona.org

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